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Found 1 result

  1. Ya tenemos disponible la versión 2.5 para descarga desde la Beta. La versión de la unificación. Improved NVG picture. ES and CN localization update. ME. Ships groups. Ship skill will not accidentally changed after mouse click. APC AVV-7 40mm Mk.19 HE ammunition replaced by HEDP. Added new model of small helipads (FARP) for single helicopter. Added AI China AWACS KJ-2000. DCS NTTR Object 'CONCREET_CAN" destroyed state corrected. DCS Ka-50 Added separate option slider for the helmet sight-ring displacement. DCS AJS-37 New feature! auto-generated data cartridge. Choosable in the kneeboard (# 6) The Auto-generated data cartridge is a cartridge with five pre-programmed waypoints, where the third waypoint will be located on the first expected enemy units. This waypoint will take into account projected target movement and if you follow Time on Target cues, you will intercept your target. This is a work in progress feature. You can now load a data-cartridge file stored in the saved games-folder without respawning. Details on this will be posted on the forums. New Export of ELINT-analysis data to Saved games-folder added! It will be located in the %SAVED_GAMES%/DCS_AJS37/ELINTData.info file. The DCS_AJS37-folder must exist for export to work. This is a work in progress feature. Added new JA-37Di “Akktu Stakki” Livery by Magnus Almgren https://imgur.com/a/FiYYE Fixed FORMLJUS not illuminating tail with deferred rendering on Fixed fuselage FORMLJUS (slimelights) not appearing with deferred rendering on Corrected landing light sprite movement Landing light distance and attenuation reworked for deferred rendering Landing light will no longer illuminate the cockpit Landing light will now follow nosewheel strut rotation. Wing nav/formation lights will now cast dynamic lighting Fixed static airfield AJS-37 missing canopy & ejection seat issue. Adjusted PBR materials for new tonemapper gamma Fixed missing Bare Metal livery Fixed missing ordinance icons Fixed duplicate material name of canopy glass & rocket pod (Thanks Home Fries!) Replaced default Viggen briefing UI image Corrected AKAN Gunpod size Fix to RWR showing ghost signals Fixes to Time On Target calculation accuracy Fix to second BK90 MJ1 not releasing Fix to Glideslope indication issues. Fix to inaccurate DYK and NAV bombing Fix to Maverick-sight going off target Fix to Easter egg triggering erroneously. (or, rather, in common flight parameters) Fixed Lysbomb not releasing and FÄLLD LAST light not activating Various Fixes to U22 and U22/A pods Corrected shader parameters for cockpit Corrected shader parameters for LoD1/2/3 to fit better with LoD0 Exterior. Removed all instances std::rand() and replaced with ED’s replay-consistent random object. (does not fix all replay issues yet!) Fixed Droptank fuel weight not being removed from aircraft Fix to lift performance in slow speeds/high alpha flight Corrected shader parameters for all ordinance models. Fixed default radio frequencies. Fixed an issue where an AI aircraft could not be assigned to common frequency ranges. Adjusted missions for 2.5 Caucasus. Fixed Canopy Glass in cockpit being practically invisible. Fixed doubled up canard vortices and right wing will now generate vortices. Adjusted ‘Mozdok Attack’,‘Moscow Takedown’ and ‘Attack the Camp’ Single missions for new Caucasus (thanks Grimes & Graywo1f!) Darkened HUD Glass & adjusted indicator material for better HUD visibility Added new F7 Skaraborg’s flygflottilj livery for Caucasus Mini-Campaign Campaigns Adapted paid campaigns to new Caucasus: F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign A-10C Basic Flight Training Campaign A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign UH-1H Argo Campaign The Border Campaign A-10C Operation Piercing Fury Campaign The Museum Relic Campaign P-51D High Stakes Campaign Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign Su-27 The Ultimate Argument Campaign A-10C Stone Shield Campaign Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield Campaign. In additional added two new missions for single and multiplayer. NOTE: for all those campaigns implemented the new keyless copy protection. This update will be available only for Open Beta so far.
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