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F4BMS AMVI invitation - monday 31st of october

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Hi Drakko and friends

We are glad to invite you for the date in subject.

New AMVI's campaign will be carried out on FalconBMS.

some details:


Default Korea Theater

IVC comms in use - TS will be used for the initial contact, wellcome briefings and ONLY for technical reasons, if some group have problem with IVC.

Connection with Validator and the use of F4Awacs will depend to the testing we are doing next days. However, you are kindly requested to check on our External Group Area, to verify the standardAMVI configuration, which is mandatory for multiplayer purpose.

Meeting time is 21.00 Italy local Time (GMT+2) .

Max four pilots.

BLUE Awacs will be performed by AMVI

RED Awacs will depend to how many pilots will be available on that date.


As soon as possible the mix's briefing will be posted on our external group area.

Please, if interested, post here the names of the pilots for briefing purpose.


Hope to see you again with AMVI.



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Sorry guys but I can't fly tonight. Some family members showed up today and I can't just ignore them and fly. Please apologize me, I can't wait to fly with you.



Chicos me caigo de la convocatoria. Unos familiares han llegado hoy de visita y se quedarán a cenar asi que no es plan de echar una bomba de humo y desaparecer. Mis disculpas.

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