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Knock knock -- greetings from Stab I./JG 51

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A big salute to the Escuadran 69!


Dear Comrades,

first of all I hope that you had a good success and a lot of fun on the side of the Allies during SoW 4.0!

Now, after completing the SoW4.0 campaign, during which there was an interruption of our cooperation, I would like to point out

that our unit is very interested in flying together with you again. We would be particularly pleased if we succeeded in jointly contesting

one or the other event together!


We read the announcement of the campaign "HRCODWAR 2017" on ATAG, written by Pienoir. We are very interested in participating this

campaign. In this context, I would like to ask you to provide us with more detailed information about this campaign.


I would also like to point out that our side Luftflotte 2 ( link= http://stabi.jg51.forumfree.it/?f=64662188 ) is again available to you without restriction

and I invite you to use this site as usual for announcements, publications, etc.


We, from Stab I./JG 51 have changed our rule during SoW4.0 and fly now as JaBo-squadron, mainly using 109/B-variants and 110-variants.

As mentioned above, we would be very happy if we could meet again in the virtual skies and fly together some events.


In this sense I am looking forward to a good cooperation and remain with a salute,



Olt Anton "Mugl" Gallowitsch,


Stab I./JG 51.







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NIce yo see you around our forum Mölders!


HRCODWAR is a competitive campaign setting made by spanish squadorn Halcones Rojos long time ago. You can check in their forum following this link all the information and even download the webpage and the campaign itself necesary to host it.


As said in the ATAG forum, currently we have 7 squadrons participating in it, so we are quite crowded for the first run in years (and using a new server still not tested heavily), but if we see that we can get more squadrons flying i'll send you a PM to invite you over



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