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Invitation to event Dance over Port Moresby (14 November 2020)


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Hi all!

I would like to invite you to online event organized by Algy, a guy from the Letka 13 virtual Squadron.

Event will take place tomorrow on Saturday 14. 10.  20:00 CET.


Here is some more detailed info from Algy:


"Hi taro
We badly need bombers. We have only 4 bombers right now. Another 5 bombers will be absolutely great.
Waypoints for bombers are ready. Bombers leader is Saldy. Let me know if bomber pilots wants join. I need contact them with mission details.

At this time I have 11 fighter pilots on red side. On blue side I have 4 bomber pilots and 8 fighters pilots (with you counted). More bomber pilots are badly needed as I wrote. If you have some friends from E69 ask them please.

Bomber pilots will have 1 life.
If they are shot down, their mission is over.  Crash on take of does not count. They will fly from Rabaul, 800km from Port Moresby.
Fighters fly two missions. This mean two take ofs.
If fighter will be shot down in first mission he will wait until his flight lands.
Than he will take of with his flight into second mission. If fighter will be shot down in second mission event is over for him.
Pilots may stay on ts if course after they are over in event.

Duration of the flight:

Japanese Betty bombers cca 6 hours

fighters cca 4 hours  (not all time will they be in the air)


Game version: HSFX 7.0.3
Modpack V3:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hTGpnpCOoJB-UxgSdulqQ1F7cn1PahZm/view?usp=sharing
Game Server IP:
Pass : test

TS3 Orel server IP:
Psw: War_2013_22

In conf.ini set:

Server is running 24/7 for trainings.


I suggest join training server to check engine management changes (mean no % with throttle), no your plane damage informations, no injury informations, no enemy plane destroyed informations or informations on cutting controls on enemy plane.

Overheating is displyed as ~ ~ ~
Locked tail wheel [Y]
Unlocked tail wheel -Y-


MAP used in event is WIP and is from SAS. We noticed that runway and taxiway textures are sometimes desapearing so use external views on the ground when taxiing. I informed map author about this. He fixed it but upcoming final map version will not be ready for our event probably.

Second lil problem is that ingame map is not enought detailed. There are rivers missing for example. This is same for both sides and I cant change it. Historical solution is... that all is in hurry and we have all maps we can get for navigation and their quality is poor... like often in reality

If something is not clear let me know, ask, drop PM or whatever. I believe it will be interesting event for all joined pilots."


Here is link to the event topic on Letka 13 forum, with the list of pilots who will participate:




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Traduzco la invitación de Taro a esta interesante propuesta de misión programada para mañana sábado. Amoavé...



¡Hola a todos!

Me gustaría invitarte al evento en línea organizado por Algy, un chico del Escuadrón virtual Letka 13.

El evento tendrá lugar mañana sábado 14. 10. 20:00 CET.


Aquí hay información más detallada de Algy:


"Hola taro
Necesitamos urgentemente bombarderos. Tenemos solo 4 bombarderos en este momento. Otros 5 bombarderos serán absolutamente geniales.
Los waypoints para bombarderos están listos. El líder de los bombarderos es Saldy. Avísame si los pilotos de bombarderos quieren unirse. Necesito contactarlos con los detalles de la misión.
En este momento tengo 11 pilotos de combate en el lado rojo. En el lado azul tengo 4 pilotos de bombarderos y 8 pilotos de cazas (con ustedes contados). Se necesitan urgentemente más pilotos de bombarderos como escribí. Si tienes amigos de E69, pregúntales por favor.

Los pilotos de bombarderos tendrán 1 vida.
Si son derribados, su misión ha terminado. Crash on take of no cuenta. Volarán desde Rabaul, a 800 km de Port Moresby.
Los cazas vuelan dos misiones. Esto significa dos tomas.
Si el caza es derribado en la primera misión, esperará hasta que aterrice su vuelo.
De lo que tomará con su vuelo a la segunda misión. Si el luchador es derribado en la segunda misión, el evento ha terminado para él.
Los pilotos pueden permanecer en su curso después de que terminen en el evento.
Versión del juego: HSFX 7.0.3
Modpack V3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hTGpnpCOoJB-UxgSdulqQ1F7cn1PahZm/view?usp=sharing
IP del servidor:
La clave para entrar al servidor: test


IP del servidor TS3 Orel:
Palabro secreto del TS3 :rolleyes:: War_2013_22


En conf.ini:
velocidad = 25000


El servidor funciona las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana para los entrenamientos.


Sugiero unirse al servidor de entrenamiento para verificar los cambios en la administración del motor (significa que no hay% con el acelerador) ¿:blink:?, no hay información de daños de su avión, no hay información de lesiones, no hay información de aviones enemigos destruidos o información sobre controles de corte en el avión enemigo.

El sobrecalentamiento se muestra como ~ ~ ~
Rueda trasera bloqueada [Y]
Rueda trasera desbloqueada -Y-


El MAPA utilizado en el evento es WIP (trabajo en desarrollo, está incompleto, nota del traductor) y es de SAS. Notamos que las texturas de las pistas y calles de rodaje a veces están desapareciendo, así que use vistas externas en el suelo al rodar. Le informé al autor del mapa sobre esto. Lo arregló, pero la próxima versión final del mapa probablemente no estará lista para nuestro evento.

El segundo problema es que el mapa del juego no está lo suficientemente detallado. Faltan ríos, por ejemplo. Esto es igual para ambos lados y no puedo cambiarlo. La solución histórica es ... que todo tiene prisa y tenemos todos los mapas que podemos conseguir para la navegación y su calidad es mala ... como a menudo en la realidad.

Si algo no está claro, avíseme, pregunte, deje de PM o lo que sea. Creo que será un evento interesante para todos los pilotos que se unan ".


Aquí hay un enlace al tema del evento en el foro Letka 13, con la lista de pilotos que participarán:




Creo que está suficientemente claro. Ya he descargado el mod, y entraré al server un poco más tarde. Mañana estaré allí. :vinsent:




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Hey guys, I am Kukulo. I am from Slovakia and I fly for Letka 13 virtual squadron (some of our members and their friends made official Slovakia add on to il2 1946 - Slovakia map, Avia B-534 ad many others things and some our pilots were founding members of Daidalos team years ago). Just to introduce me and my squad.


As Taro wrote, Algy is taking part of upcoming mission as our forum admin and pilot. I am creator of this event based on Saburo Sakais book Winged Samurai!


Event will have two phases. Simply because Betty bombers need some time to fly from Rabaul to New Guinea. We will use this time for some flying. Dangerous flying of course 😁 There will be attack mission by red side fighters in the first phase of event. Zero pilots will be scrambled when red pilots activate trigger - message when reds fly over trigger few minutes from Lae (Zero base) arfield. So I suppose there will be chaos and blue needs hurry get to air. It is ok, Sakai wrote in his book that there were only few minutes when Salamua radiostation radioded incoming raid. Than we will fight for life.


After this initial phase surviving red pilots will fly back to Port Moresby and surviving blue pilots will land in Lae. If somebody is shot down in first phase, he will wait until other pilots land and will take of on leaders command to next phase - Dance over Port Moresby raid.


Roles in second phase - Raid on Port Moresby - will be switched. Red pilots will wait on the ground for message trigger (trigger will inform reds that blues are over new Guinea). They will scramble on red side commander order. Reds have much more time to climb and make combat air patrol over Port Moresby than blues in previous mission.


Blue pilots will take of from Lae airfield after first phase and they fly to meeting point with Betty bobmers. From meeting point they will escort bombers all they way over New Guinea. Meeting poit is cca 45 minutes from Lae airfield. So escort mission itself will be probably 2.5 - 3 hours long. We will fly almost exactly same time like real Tainan kokutai pilots. For red side it will be similar to real counterparts in Port Moresby in 1942.


Modpack V3 - I sent link to Haukka. I have it on google drive, I do not want make it public on public forum. If there will be interested pilots, resend modpack to them Haukka please.

Installation is very easy. Download modpack, and drop folder Lae_Port_Moresby_V3 to jsgmemods folder in your il2 main folder. In jsgme activate HSFX history mod than Lae_Port_Moresby_V3 and if you want Effects low. Please No other mods needs to be activated for event!!!


I will be on TS from 19:00 CET to help pilots join. Maybe earlier if familly allows me  😄 . If it is possible let me know how many pilots will join and their nicks and side and plane which they will fly. If they do not speak english I need only one pilot to communicate with in english. You will have your own room on TS.


For red side they are P-39D1 and P-40E available. For Blue there ae A6M2 mod. 21 and G4M Betty available. Attention!!! Blue bombers will fly cca 5-6 hours if they survive Port Moresby raid. Betty bombers need to be ready lets say 19:40 CET to get infromations from Betty leader. Best way is join to test server some time today to make test of connection and modpack function before event itself. There will be no time to fix troubles few mins before action.


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Parece que va a ser una bonita mision y me gustaria participar, lo intentare y animo a los pilotos del 69 a que lo hagan.


Por mi parte y creo que conociendo un poco a los pilotos que volamos en este escuadron una mision de posiblemente 6 horas no la organizamos en dos dias, tenemos que mentalizar a nuestras\os novias\os, a nuestras mujeres o maridos por lo menos un mes antes:cuniao:, somos muy "calzonazos" (no se si tiene traduccion al ingles ), ademas ahi que bajarse un MOD e instalarlo, seguro que es muy facil, pero aqui, en el 69, no se porque siempre se complica. No hemos tenido tiempo para practicar con ninguno de los aviones y a todos nos gusta, despues de 3 horas de vuelo, llegar al objetivo y bombardearlo con alguna garantia de darle a algo.


Lo dicho intentare estar pero lo tengo complicado y para la proxima mision que organiceis intentad avisarnos antes, estaremos encantados en entrenar y volar con vosotros.


Un saludo y gracias por la invitacion.


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Yeah, it is too hurry and late invite pilots. I know that. I n our czech/slovak community there was a lack of interest. I tried ask other squads I met on virtual sky... DBS... VARP... Some pilots joined, but just few. I understand that you have no or little time to train. But in fact if you join reds or blues you will fly planes you flew grizzlion times before. 


My wife is pregnant so we need lil bit hurry until baby comes here (maybe days maybe weeks) with mission 🤓


I understand if it is too hurry on you. Very important for me is that there is still active online squad in old Il2 1946 where I can ask for pilots for future missions. If I will have time of course.



I see that Taro posted modpack in his post, so no need send link via Personal message.

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Gracias Kukulo por tener presente al Escuadrón 69. También pienso como PILILI, que estas cosas siempre es bueno anunciarlas con más anticipación. Aún así lo intentaremos.


A la Peña:

Bien. He leído todo. He descargado el mod ayer, lo he instalado por josemanué, funciona perfectamente bien. No hay nada de qué alarmarse, el mod trae el mapa Green Hell, un par de retexturizados de cabinas americanas y otro par de cosillas necesarias para que el mapa funcione. Sigue siendo el mismo HSFX, y conocemos esos aviones. Para activar este mod, recomiendo desactivar primero el retexturizado de Kuban. He entrado al server y he volado un par de horas. El mapa es gigantesco. Volaré de azul, creo. Mi inglés es de pena, lo van a entender más a PILILI en vasco que a mí en inglés, así que el enlace es PILILI, :cuniao:.  Bueno vemos...


Esto es temprano, además.



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Yeah, there is updated P-39 cockpit by WxTech from SAS. And updated P-40E cockpit by dr.strangelove and greif11 from Free modding. P-40 uses new rounded canopy framing , new textures and uses two fuel gauges working (in original/hsfx game it uses only one gauge -- on the other hand in reality it uses three gauges 😁 and opening canopies for P-40 too.


In P-40E is improved WxTechs gunsight added by dr.strangelove. P-40 update was created on my request for this event. A6Ms are updated in hsfx so they do not need update.


Skins included in modpack. Historical of course.


Here is shot of updated P-40E cockpit




I fly on blue side today. I got sake from Japan. My friend was there as student. But there is wrote with korean tradition on sake bottle. Who knows... :cuniao: I cant put it into modpack for blue pilots so I need drain it by myself :icon_mrgreen:




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Hey guys!

For most pilots it was very exciting adventure on Dance over Port Moresby event. Of course waiting on CAP or escorting over New Guinea it was not so exciting, but it was realistic in its duration. Maybe not all pilots was so happy, but we did what we can to make it good for all.


We are starting work on another event. I will  be in touch with you to inform about that mission. If everything goes well than we will stay in Pacific but few years later that Dance over Port Moresby.

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Gracias por tenernos presentes, Kukulo. Lamentamos no haber podido asistir, una combinación de factores nos lo impidieron, entre los cuales el brevísimo tiempo de aviso previo para organizarnos y preparar a nuestras familias para una misión como ésta fue uno muy importante. Esperamos poder participar en una próxima misión. ;)



Thanks for having us present, Kukulo. We regret not being able to attend, a combination of factors prevented us, among which the very short notice time to organize and prepare our families for a mission like this was a very important one. We look forward to participating in an upcoming mission.



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