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  1. Hello again, guys, thanks for all your feedbacks, we took them in considerations in order to optimize the map (both this night one and the previous one we tested earlier). We would like to invite you to our next event, a dual-map night on Thursday 29th (next week), here is the invitation: PILOTS! we are announcing a new test night on the "ACES HIGH by Gemini" server on Thursday 29th (NEXT week). Testing targets for this event are: - final check on these first two maps (bugs remove, layout adjusted after your feedbacks etc.) - check correct server behavior at map
  2. Thanks to the all pilots of your squadron joining last night. The testing was extremely useful to verify the (successful) dynamics of the map, and we already identify the root cause of all the issues at mission starts (basically too many events happening at the same exact time in small areas of the map, we now know how to fix that). I hope despite the initial hiccup you were able to enjoy the event and the map, and we would be very happy to hear your feedback about: - map and layout (AF, distances, targets) - night flying experience - map items (searchlight, radio beacon
  3. So, the majority of the information are the ones provided in my previous post, when joining the server you can choose your own target and perform 1 or more sorties in the way you prefer, the suggestion would be to try to fly as bomber / attacker + escort on one of the targets. For allies, targets are: -search and destroy german HQ (really few aa, expressely made for "Night witches" Po2) --> please leave this (hidden) target to the Po-2 players, this will be mostly IRRE team -destroy Novorossiysk fuel depot -destroy Novorossiysk stronghold -destroy german sh
  4. Hi! I see most of you voted for "Indiferente". If possible I would ask you to fly RED (Russian) toghether with GEMINI and IRRE. Is that okay? Let me know then if you prefer to fly bombers/attacker , or fighters, or a mix. Thanks!
  5. MAP INFORMATION: -Spawning airports for both sides have bonfires showing the taxi directions and electrical lights lightning the runway (except Po2 airport). The electrical lights will automatically shutdown when no allied plane is in a 10km range from them, and start when they will spot allied planes approaching. -All across the map there are searchlights that will automatically start searching for planes when you are in their range. On targets the searchlights will search only for enemy planes, while on the other parts of the front can randomly trigger and
  6. Mission briefing for Thursday is ready, i just need to understand how to send it to you (it's a PDF file), please anyway let me know: 1) how many pilots are confirmed and how many extra might join 2) preferred faction 3) preferred mission role Thanks
  7. Great! So far we have 7 squadrons registered and we expect between 40 and 55 pilots at the server roll, then we might open to public or not. I'll shortly post those extra info for you
  8. Thanks for the interest guys, many squadrons are interested so I think it will be a fun night with a new experience. Don't worry we have several cool feature to help navigation and finding the action without losing immersion (no GPS!). I will share more details today or tomorrow about the mission and preparation, in the meantime please let us know how many are interested to join so i can save you enough spots! Thanks, =GEMINI= IngegnerTommy
  9. Thanks for the great coordination with us GEMINI and Red Flight last night, was a cool flight! =GEMINI= IngegnerTommy
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