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AMVI new 2010-2011 online campaign

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Dear Friends,

As was for last years, on middle of october we plan to start our online campaign for advanced A-A training purpose.

This will be based on Openfalcon 4.5 and Balkans Teather of Operation.

Our pilots will be requested to perform A-A and A-G missions with the task of improve their skills in standards and

advanced procedures, use of NATO standard brevities, work under directives of human ATC and Awacs and will be called

to TARCAP and SWEEP missions.

F4Awacs will be used by humans ATC and Awacs.

Foreign groups will be employed twice in a month, on the RED Team.

We remarks that the first goal of this campaign is training, collaboration and have fun.

If you are interested, post here or on our External Group Area.

Mode details to be published ASAP.


Thanks a lot for your participation.

Best Regards


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wow this sounds really amazing!!!, like my partners Drakko and Ender told you, i hope to be there too, only thinking in the improvement of the A-A action at that level, makes me feel so interested in your proposal. I agree my friends, thanks for thinking about us! ^_^

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Dear friends, tell me if you have 4 pilots for monday, the 25th of october.

ATC/Awacs allowed if you have more people to join.

In case of starting of Shooting Star Operation, we'll postpone the mix for another date.

Thanks again




You have a PM in your forum ;)

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Here we are gentlemen,

Considering that our campaign is near to be cancelled, we are planning to fly a mix on 13 of december.

We woul be happy to see two pilots from E69 on the RED side, plus one RED awacs if available.

If you have more pilots thay could fly with AMVI on the BLUE side.

Let me know if this is good for you.



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