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OF4.5 AMVI Invitation 28th of february 2011


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TARCAP - Cowboy1 Magg. Zakk - Ten. Ing

TARCAP - Serpent1 Cap. Icefox - Cap. Hawk

SEAD - Fury1 2 piloti E69

STRIKE - Falcon1 Ten. Tripod - Ten. Ralph

STRIKE - SNAKE1 2 piloti E69


ATC/AWACS - M.llo Rootlogan


is it ok for you?




ini file


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Murphy's laws. If there is anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". And there were a lot of things that could go wrong.

In this mission i understood that i don't have the necessary level (English and knowledge of the F-16) for this interscuadron flights. I'm very disapointment with my skills.

I will not fly any more interscuadron mission until my skills has improved.

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Thanks again for your participation.

About skills and languages: I do not know what happened but be feel free to participate and improve your skills during missions.

Consider that, after a lot of training, procedures, handbooks, brevities and force on force.....I shooted an amraam to my wingman......

He was turning cold after a launch to RED hostiles, but he passed in front of me and my missile decided that he was a nice target instead of making a long flight to the F16AGR I have previously locked.

I got two kills: my wingman and an hostile F16AGR; after that I have been shooted down.

My big concern is the kill of my wingman.

All other facts are secondary.

I have to check better my FCR and see if I have an hard lock or only a simple bug on target.

Anyway, try again nex time.

Next mix 14 of march and we count with all of you.

Kind regards


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