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Tacview 1.2.6 Disponible


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Pues eso.





This version offers a preliminary support for file merge. This is mainly useful to merge recordings coming from different planes in real life. You can also import CSV files. This format can be easier to generate than GPX files in some cases. Target hit events recognition has been improved and you can now export the flight log in a CSV file very easy to read and inject in your leaderboards.

The replay has been improved too: You can now display the aspect angle between selected objects. The long awaited auto scale-up option will give you both an excellent tactical view while keeping everything clear at a dog fight scale.

I will try to offer you constant improvements like in this release while I’m rewriting step by step Tacview to reach an awesome v1.3.

Any feedback is welcome!


  • ADDED: Support for file merge
  • ADDED: Option to auto scale-up distant objects
  • ADDED: Support for flight recordings in CSV format (require at least Tacview Home)
  • ADDED: Flight log can now be exported in CSV format
  • ADDED: Aspect Angle can now be displayed between selected objects
  • ADDED: Attacker is now displayed and exported for has_been_destroyed events
  • ADDED: You can now scroll in time with left+right mouse buttons
  • ADDED: A clear error message is now displayed in case of invalid command line
  • ADDED: /? Command line option to display the command line help
  • CHANGED: Improved the flight log XML export to be as easy to handle as the new CSV format
  • CHANGED: Improved hit events detection to give more accurate results
  • CHANGED: Falcon 4 BMS terrain is now selected by default while opening "Falcon 4.0" VHS files (instead of selecting Falcon 4 Old terrain)
  • CHANGED: Slight improvement of objects auto-selection when opening a file
  • FIXED: A crash when opening or merging files which are taking place over several years
  • FIXED: XML dates more accurate than one second are now properly handled (improves GPX files support and XML debriefing export)


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Que atraso! no soporta EDGE ni nevada!! Ahora a ver como se las apañan los de ED para hacer compatible su IG con su curvatura de escenario y demas... buf! lo van a tener que retrasar....


PD: bien por Falcon...

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