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  1. Zaz0

    DCS: World 2.5

  2. parece que el problema se soluciona si le dices a Jester que este calladito.. por lo visto es la sucesion de A>A>8>1 en su menu dicen desde HB que esperan poder sacar hotfix el lunes (mañana)
  3. Zaz0

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    Uf la que se nos viene encima....
  4. Zaz0

    Habilitación Carrier Ops. 26/03

    El Air Boss es el encargado de enviar a un aparato a hacer "Spin it" en RL, en el simulador, pues habria que tener conocimiento de que el patron esta ocupado por 6 aparatos... (habria que saber los dos grupos anteriores cuantos aparatos tienen, y cuantos han hecho bolter / waveoff )
  5. Ojo Desde el parche de ayer en la OB se estan reportando constantes CTDs volando el Tomcat, Heatblur ya ha identificado el fix y esta currando en ello.
  6. Zaz0

    DCS: World 2.5

    Nuevo parche para la OB, esta disponible ya Fixed Polish Skin Increased Cockpit Brightness Fixed Gun Arming button animation Instrument Textures Updated Adjusted Rocket pods (ORO-57K) coordinates DCS F/A-18C Hornet Corrected heading values on radar page. F/A-18C missions: added HARM instant action mission, added more threats, added Hornet Nevada mission, updated sound trigger, updated SAMs, added waypoints, Added Hornet low alt recce mission for Normandy map, added new Hornet instant action caucasus mission, added voice-overs. Added French, Korean and Russian localization. Updated for datalink. The big part of Instant Action missions relocated to the Single missions. SA page with large number of threats will not causes significant FPS hit. Hostile identification on SA fixed (WIP). INS alignment procedure fixed (WIP). DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC Fixed flight model not reacting to damage values. DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations Prevent “Iceman” from using throttle on the ground. Prevent NTDS datalink and CAINS on Kuznetsov carrier. Reduce engine thrust at extreme altitudes. Change sidewinder HUD movable reticle to show only center of scan pattern. New sidewinder lock tone based on SME feedback. Add Jester option to explicitly select some weapon station combinations. Added tape player volume controls. Significantly reduced F-14 RAM usage. Significantly reduced Disk IO & CPU usage at mission start. Reduced loading times. Fixed JESTER being silent at mission start. Rename input category HCU to Hand Control Unit for consistency. Add keybinds for speedbrake toggle, hook toggle, parking brake, emergency jettison, anti-skid spoiler brake. DCS CampaignsTEW 3.0 by Baltic Dragon M-2000C Red Flag by Baltic Dragon Tambien ha salido la newsletter de esta semana Hablan de los bonus, que van a aplazar los antiguos un año desde la ultima compra o hasta Marzo de 2020, y al parecer han añadido una herramienta para enviar los CTDs, ya era hora..
  7. DCS F-14B Pilot/RIO checklist Ver fichero Checklists fusiladas directamente del NAVAIR, tanto para el piloto como para el RIO C'mon do some of that pilot shit! Subido por Zaz0 Fecha 21/03/19 Categoría Cajón desastre  
  8. Yo haciendo ayer de RIO... que bien me lo pase xD y CUAAAAAANTO me queda.. madre mia
  9. O que les de aparatos mas acorde a sus habilidades... el Qaher F-313 o el Advanced Tie Figther....
  10. Me parto... ojo con intentar acojonar al RIO IA que os deja tirados!
  11. Hombre, dijeron que el modulo iba a salir "acabado".... Para mi lo está, igual que RASPAM como no lo demuestren con hechos.
  12. Si.... los rumores que estabais oyendo son ciertos, hemos vendido el proyecto y nos hemos comprado un Maserati cada uno
  13. a quien tengo que invitar a cerveza a ver!
  14. Lista de cosas que va a traer el F-14B desde el dia 13, basicamente: Functionality & Systems: TWS Auto steering centroid and automatic scan volume controls: Allows for steering indication to center of targets selected for AIM-54 engagement and also allows the WCS to control the radar scan volume for maximum target track coverage. This has been implemented some time ago, but due to unresolved issues this might not make it in on Day 1. AN/AWG-9 slaved to TCS functionality: Allows the radar to be slaved to the TCS lock allowing the radar to lock the TCS target in STT. Of limited use in DCS, and wasn’t used IRL according to SMEs. JAM/JET functionality, indication of jam strobes Allows the RIO to set at what level a pulse doppler target is jamming at and then display it as a JAM strobe on the TID. Improved AIM-54 control Allowing for better optimization of lofting and seekerhead modes, such as when to go active and to be fully SARH in STT. This feature is pending DCS API changes for 3rd parties to allow us to more directly control missile behaviour. TID, DDD, VDI, HUD Some minor indications will be missing at EA. These include, for example, the AVIA display mode and Nav Grid. These are minor and non-critical omissions. In Flight Training System. Used for in flight crew training (e.g. programs that generate fake target returns on radar). Of limited use in DCS. Circuit Breakers. We don’t expect to implement a full simulation of every CB in the F-14, but critical and often used ones will be added continuously throughout EA, as well as an expansion of the electrical systems modeling. Radar Further small enhancements will be added over time and if feasible in the DCS engine. These include sidelobe modelling, returning signal strength trace on DDD (including jamming), clouds/weather and Jet Engine Modulation (JEM) Missing BITs (Built-In Tests): BITs serve limited purpose in DCS- but these (and more) missing BITs will be implemented with time: DECM BIT. WCS BIT Sequences. OBC (On-Board Checks) LANTIRN IBIT Missing Systems: TARPS This system was always intended to be launched post-EA, and we’re still conceptualizing how deep we want to go. JESTER We will continue to improve and add functionality during EA- especially with your feedback! One significant piece of functionality that we plan to add is JESTER being able to operate the LANTIRN TGP. Content Campaigns: As noted in our purchase pages, the two free campaigns will be available post launch. Training Missions: We will expand the amount of training missions during the course of EA. A-6, Forrestal, F-14A: We will detail our plans regarding these ASAP. The Forrestal will be priority #1. luego en el mismo hilo ha contestado que si, que se va a poder volar 2 jugadores en el mismo aparato desde el dia 1.
  15. estoy leyendo en hoggit que en MP no se va a poder cambiar de asiento....