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Bravo Operation Debriefing

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Hi everybody, and spécial thanks to E69 for this night, especially Drakko.

My appologies for the VEAF late, and missing pilots..


So we are the 3955 package with 4 F16 in sead (Dbair, Breizh and Rollei + 1 IA) and 2 M2000D (Wacco + 1 IA)

Our target was Hwangsuwon AB, and AAA bataillon near.

Hwangsuwon AB was destroyed


No technicals problem, all the mission was very fluid.

About comms, we have encounter some troubles, but i think it's our fault. Iwas obliged to switchTssimcomms chanel 10 to contact Awacs, may be my ts wisper to chanel was bad. I fact, we have follow our fpl, then after strike we RTB without problem (except 2 flam out for me,??)


So great night, thinks to all for that, and i very impatient for the next flight. I hope we are able to give more than 4 pilots this time.

Is it possible to have the f4awacs record???? thinks



Best regards

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E69 SEAD Strike.

Package: 3944

Callsign: Lobo1. 4 F-16C 52. (Drakko, Ender, Vatt, Neo).

TGT: 3942th Air defence Battalion.

Takeoff: 7:51 Falcon time

Landing: 00:30 GMT +2 Aprox. Real time. (Sorry, I dont remember the Falcon time).


Mission: Not Accomplished



Ramp start as established without further incident.

Lobo1 package, follow instructions from Kimpo Tower and take off 30 seconds later than scheduled.

In the air, we continue according to the flight plan provided in the briefing.




When the Lobo1 package are near the East coast of South Corea, we hear an explosion very close to our group, we decide to open the formation to have larger field of view if someone is near from us. Some seconds before, we hear Phanter1 they have lost a plane (E69_Crycket) in an aerial collision with a plane of another package that is not identified or seen in flight.


The rest of my group say me they watch me static in the air with -45º AoA. I shot chaf and flares but is not visual confirmation of my package. Lobo11 give the leadership to Lobo13 and RTB.


Magic1 understand that I have on the display of flight, and I'm still in the game, so I turn 180 degrees and try to rejoin with my package. I try to economize fuel. I have visual confirmation for my presence by Phanter group and beforme from my package too. Mysteriously Im in the game again...


Later, 10nm to TGT we proceed to attack, well Lobo11 is up and hear that Lobo14 (E69_Neo) is hit by a missile (the debriefing says it was an AIM-120 and we think it was by friendly fire). We have not enemy spikes and the awacs not confirm enemy contacts near of us. Any group declare "Raygun" to our position on channel GUARD... We dont know whats happened.


Well, Lobo11 failed the bombs and Lobo12 and 13 destroyed their TGTs but the damage inflicted its very small...


After attack, Package Lobo1 declare RTB and fliying so high to econmize fuel because Lobo11 has problems...

No refueling necessary with A30 and Lobo1 package landed at Kimpo AB with only 3 vipers.


End of SEAD E69 debriefing.

Edited by Drakko
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E69 Deep Strike.

Package: 3944

Callsign: Panther1. 4 F-16C 52. (Naima, Evola, Crycket, IA Pilot).

TGT: Weapons Factory.


Mission: Partial Success (very partial, actually :D )




Take off 3 or 4 minutes late, but quick join-up and climb to Angels 22 towards Steerpoint 3. Everything going smooth and fluid with the servers and we keep formation aproaching Fence In point.


Some miles before reaching Steerpoint 5, we hear a shout over the radio and realize Panther 3 is a ball of fire. He had collided with another aircraft. As in the debrief, the collision was with another F-16.


So Evola and I proceed with the mission. At steerpoint 5 we descend and fly NOE (500 ft) until IP point, staying several miles behind Lobo1 SEAD flight, waiting for SAM to be destroyed.


As soon as AWACS informs that no SA-5 are alive, we proceed with bombing, destroying one of the bunkers and damaging the other.


On the way back we are bingo sooner than planned and tried to get to any tanker. We had bad luck, and I made a mistake as the leader trying to push the air refueling, instead of trying to get to the alternative. We ran out of fuel 10 miles away of the tanker and had to tryi to fly the viper to the coast, and try to land safely.


But both pilots were short. Told AWACS the ejection point and ejected from the F-16 3 miles away from the airfield. In the water.


Waited for SAR rescue and performed in water survival techniques!


The IA F-16 landed safely ;)

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Waiting for the rest VFW debriefings, there are two outstanding mishaps:


- Friendly fire. I have no idea what happened but it should be interesting to solve it. There is no problem about that, but we like to know what was the matther to try not to happen again. ;)


- Mid-air collision: I think there was too much traffic in the same altitude block. Before collision I was having in visual three different fights flying near. We haven't got TCAS ;) so I think it's very important for the next fly, to redefine several different fly level blocks for each flight.


I think it was a very nice mission and I want to thank all squadrons.


Good job m8s! :aplauso-6:

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Drakko and Ender had explained very well our flight.


It's a pitty to be flying around 1 and half hour, after a Ramp up and with a very concentrated mind. And hear an explosion just behind you (where is supposed that there is not bandids) only few seconds before you are going to push the release button to send the bombs to the enemy.


No spikes were marked in the RWR, no threats, no misile warning.....(a magdog missile?) Nobody sang "Ryangun" and not betty sounds telling me that I have been catched.


It is something that we need to clarify and try to avoid for next missions. It is not good news to hear that a "compa" has been lost with friendly fire.....How can I explain it to my wife...rolleyes.gif ?


Of any way, thanks to all the people involve, has been a pleassure to flight with you and I hope and am ansiouss to fly the next mission soon!!!


Next time I will watch out my back as well.


Thanks Drakko!!!!...and Ender, Vatt a pleasure to flight with you as usual!!!!

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It is something that we need to clarify and try to avoid for next missions. It is not good news to hear that a "compa" has been lost with friendly fire.....How can I explain it to my wife...rolleyes.gif ?


You cannot explain anything to your wife: you're dead :xd:


What about the ACMI? Does it shed any light on what happened? Just to avoid it for the next time, no wishes of blaming anyone.

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Debriefing AMVI Deep Strike Serpent1

We had the opportunity to verify the mix during the weekend and decided to make a LAT (Low altitude Toss); the TGT was on a hill of 5600ft of altitude.

First of all, I must say that I did not clearly understood the instrucion about MOA7. I heard that after MOA7 we "should descend to 500ft" and not that we "should cross MOA7 at 500ft". MY FAULT, SORRY FOR THAT.

Ramp and Takeoff according to Flight plan.

Flight normal, untill BBQ after entering in North Korea territory.

Reaching our IP in ground contour, we had a separation of 30 sec from each aircraft. Consider that our TGT were too close, one to eachother, in order to perform a simoultaneous strike over them.

Serpent1 got his TGT:


After that we exited in BBQ from the hot area and reached the sea; Climb to 25A and RTB without fuel problem.

No lags, no freezes and good communications.

Thanks for the nice evening.

Soon the debriefing of Python1


here it is:



Just two things about the mix

1) I think the tanker is KC135.....bad guy! it is better Kc10.

2) we usually perform attack profiles with time separation, so we changed the TOT due to the little spacing from targets and to avoid damages by bomb debries


Anyway, already said...a nice night with friends!

Edited by AMVI_Hawk
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Hello everyone,

Well ....

Before the mission: It appears that both drivers will be absent, (Sead and Strike).

A few minutes of blur on the choice of our aircraft for our mission. Wacco handles this problem.

Finally four F16s and Mirage 2000D ( Sead strike) in ramp start ...

Quick explanation setting Tssim, leaders managing the AWACS on an appropriate channel.


Briefing before departure, some problems for some to validate the validator.

Breizh join us at the launch of the mission.

It is decided according to the present: the lead Dbair F16 Sead (Rollei, Breizh, IA). 2000D Wacco (strike)


Given the number of participants, I believe that the entry into 2d is good.

By cons loss of my keyboard layout (which I interfere during the flight, I forgot to re check).


I am leader of the sead, not too hot to do it, but it must be good to start.


Objectives for each assignment, considering the difficulties that could be encountered in Wacco Strike (alone and not the customary 2000d).

So the role Joint Sead. Mutual coverage after delivery weapons on targets.

Selecting target: SAM - DCA-Trail and others if needed.

In AA it was decided to do everything visually, given the number of participant. (No point for me)

Rollei Breizh with AA to monitor the area during the treatment sites Sam

Arming the choice, I am with small tank, it will force me to take a decision on sprawl, protection with the RTB.

Check start ramp, a priori Wacco control the M2000Dhis new mount.


Takeoff, climb angel 25 Breizh takes Datalink. TOS respected (some differences from Rollei, (I do not understand this difference)).

Wacco is often ahead of us, but it is on its TOS.


Soon I realize that the AWACS is unavailable, the appropriate channel, the Tsim is abandoned during flight. All this will be detrimental to the general SA.

To review and re review, because it is still what the mission is played at that time.


Some corrections in the nav, re-screening the instructions.

Bang! big splash, in my 7am: I wonder why. At least the final two aircraft Breizh and AI collided in flight .... Least two planes into the flight.


I distributed the new spots to Rollei in making the simplest, monitoring sites are still active and threatening mission, destruction of the runway with Wacco.

I zap Sat 2 sites that are on the edge of the enemy base, theoretically no dangerous. (But we will force them to return around, so ... fuel) to put two JSOW on base facilities.


Remark: the tanker is not in its aera (full-North and 150 Nm, weird ...)

Contacts are identified, no reponse except one…

Check Target: Wacco orbit point defined in advance of nearly 20Nm on the Sead, I ask Rollei join in protection and waiting outcome.

I make my approach to cutting the road to save fuel.

I decided to plunge in circles threats, to process my target once, to save time and fuel.

Some shots SA2 and other preventable, rocking my 4 JSOW (2 SA2-1 AAA-1 The base station).


I release to join my wingman and Wacco. The first SA2 remains active (the JSOW is longer to confirm a shooting).

Rollei which monitors the area threatens Sam, announces SA2 still active I ask him to retreat to ensure and to continue strike on the runway. (The SA2 is easily avoided in case ...). Wacco following behind.


I going to AA for protection, I remark two hot contacts, which darken within 4 hours of TBA of Wacco

I ask Wacco to move as quickly on its objective , I cut the road for protection, there Wacco m advertisement: reactor extinction! What this 2000D?


The 2 contacts are separated hot to make a bayonet, no response on the locks (he had unconsciously). I urge the more threatening that wraps me as if to shoot, very aggressive attitude, but I expect the visual before dropping 120c.


The 2nd is to me in my 6, I make a maneuver for the two end up in my 12.

There I noticed a plane in two drifts that I take a 25-31 mig I shoot, it is destroyed.

The 2nd takes flight ....

It will prove that it was an F-18 ... .... >: (why such a threatening attitude about our group?)


Rollei processed perfectly these objectives, Wacco still faces major problems with the M2000D.


The AWACS we reported several contacts to verify or process, but given the problems of radio and difficult to hear other pilots on contact radar, we decided to keep the RTB.

Rollei has more fuel than me, will remain in protection Wacco, relaying info I heard any threat.

I climb, I cut the navigation and I go, my tanker is a dash, as usual, I know I will return below limits.


Some contacts are advertised hot, I ask every time Rollei do a 180 degrees for research hostile North Cape in vain ... This will harm the cohesion of the group because they find themselves separated by 30 Nm of one of the another one ... So dangerous.


Debriefing: Target destroyed 100%

Dbair: 9 targets destroyed two-Fan song SA2 - 3 guns AAA- 4 base facilities

An F-18 frat kill (I'm still angry)


Rollei Trail destroyed (principal objective)


Wacco: It seems to me a target on my debrief


Negative conclusion:

I have not found my great job as a leader, mainly because of problems encountered during the mission, I leaned on Breizh initially, but ...


Management of AWACS and non-existent threats, the technical reasons? No confirmation on friend or foe RWR or radio each hook, we must find a solution to this silent for the next time ...


Sead: 50% loss (Breizh-IA) the reasons?

So for me the main concerns during this mission: radio and confirmation of contacts because I pulled an F-18 ..


Positive conclusion :

Wacco returned alive, despite the bloody plane, only , in Srike and especially not his thing ...

Rollei over very well in his new role as striker and Seader.

Mastery of our reduced SA

Good, very good connexion.


In fact it requires a substantial effort required for each of us in this type of mission (by the connection TS). Proper consideration of roles of the technical radio.

Then a good improvisation during drafts because there always are.


Again thank you for this initiative is the first time I participate in this type of mission, I ask for more ....


Thank you Drakko and the E69!!!



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Debriefing from 320SQ e-HAF


First of all sorry for the huge delay of the debriefing but I have some onnection problems...


As 320sq we took part in the mission with :


2x F-16's Sead role callsign Fury1 (1. Fillippos 2. Alex )


2x Μirage 2000-5 TARCAP Callsign Hopper 1 (1.Nickallistis ,2. Greg)


2x Mirage 2000-5 TARCAP Callsign Garbo2 (1.Gas ,2 Daredevil)


There where no technical issues during the flight as disconnects,lag etc ,so we were able to focus on the mission B)



I joined as Hopper 12. After the ramp start we took of from SEOUL AB and followed the plan. We heard early ''MAGNUM'' on the radio from our 2 guys in the SEAD package and they informed us that they destroyed 2 SA-5's . We proceeded to our TARCAP point and after a while we established our CAP.


We waited for awacs instructions and after a while ( 1 hour :icon_mrgreen: ) we were called to establish a new CAP at another point.

We followed its instructions and engaged 4 mig-19's .We had the support from Garbo2 and shot them down. Then we were told that we could RTB.


Thanks for the mission and thanks for inviting us to your event. We are looking forward to fly the next one.

P.S. We wuld like to fly as strike package next time :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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Dont worry for delayed debriefing... ;)


Well, a too long mission, it was the reason for waiting a long time to see the enemy contacts...

We try the next mission will be more short than Bravo Ops but it depends for the TGT distance (Maybe at the same zone).

Dont worry, the TARCAPs will be rotating among all squads.

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