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Rogue System, un "auténtico" simulador espacial


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habeis dejado de mirar este sim/juego?? Os voy a actualizar un poco, y ya a subiros el hype..



Precios para los paquetes, interesante 10$ solo por probar la early-access y con opcion de comprar o dejarlo ahi...





I wanted to go ahead and post this for you all who visit the forums normally. These are the TENTATIVE tiers and pricing for Early Access as they stand right now. It's an improvement on the original plan, and is probably very close to final.
I say again, these can change between now and release. So far though, we (I and ISI) are comfortable with them. All pricing is in USD....
Early-Access ($10) -- grants you access to the Rogue System Core Module (CM) ONLY during the early-access phase of development. This will give you a chance to try RogSys and follow its development to see if it is/becomes something you're truly interested in. You can upgrade to any of the following tiers at any time during the early-access period and would be given a $10 credit toward the upgrade.
Core Module ($30) -- access to RogSys CM throughout early-access and final testing phases. You will receive:
--the release version of the Core Module (digital download only)
--a Core Module "backers" decal for your ship, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).
Special Edition ($60) -- everything from the CM tier, plus:
--the three planned expansion modules ($15 each if purchased separately) when available
--all mission/campaign packs that may be released in the future
--your ships will have a Special Edition "backers" decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).
--you will have access to a private "Backers" forum for more direct input during development.
Boxed Edition ($150) -- everything from the Special Edition tier. Plus:
--a boxed edition of the RogSys CM (in a REAL box ). The box will contain:
--the RogSys CM on DVD (using online activation)
--schematics of both fly-able ships (THREE if early-access performs well) in poster form
--a full, (most likely ring-bound) flight manual.
--If it can be arranged, the RogSys soundtrack will also be included on the DVD
--your name will be added to the NPC naming database
--your ships will have the Boxed Edition "backers" decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).
Premium Boxed Edition ($300) -- everything from the Boxed Edition tier. Plus:
--additional box contents:
--RogSys t-shirt (style to-be-announced) (suggested alternate items: plaque, flight-pin)
--paperback version of RogSys back-story novella
--Name a Star System (certain restrictions will apply)
--first twenty (20) will have their names and likenesses (on your approval) used for the other squadrons' pilots (instead of the NPC naming database).
--your ships will have the Premium Boxed Edition "backers" decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).
And, the typical legal stuff:
--All physical items will be delivered on a when-available basis.
--Refunds will NOT be available for early-access purchases, as development will depend on these funds. If you are at all uncomfortable with this, please do not participate in early-access. A demo will be available for you to try for free after release of the Core Module
--Early-Access software is just that--early-access. Not all features are available, and there WILL be bugs. Neither DCI or ISI make any guarantees that Rogue System will be usable while in early-access (but of course we will make every effort for it to be).
Your thoughts and comments are welcomed, and I will certainly take them into consideration.


Entrada del pasado dia 3, en la que indica que ya ha mandado una release candidate de early-access (version candidata para acceso anticipado) a la empresa ISI, y que espera tenerla muy pronto..





Hi all,

Well, if you didn't see already, I delivered eAccess Release Candidate #1 EARLY this morning to ISI for testing. If you don't know, a Release Candidate is a build that you intend to ship. Testing determines if it can actually be released or not. It is NOT uncommon to go through a few iterations before hitting the bullseye. As it stands, I know for certain there will be a Release Candidate 2 on Mon or Tues of this coming week, as there's a handful of small additions and fixes I still want to add. If testing clears it, then we can launch. If not, we try again...
What we're looking for are MAJOR show-stopping bugs--crashes, freezes, etc. So far, the ONLY crash bug I know about is on ONE tester's system who uses Windows 7 and an nVidia 580 (IIRC). Other testers have similar systems with no issues; so I THINK it's something in his configuration and not with RogSys directly. I would release with this--the hope being that if others have a similar problem then perhaps some commonality can be found. Otherwise, considering this is early-access, I think it's perfectly acceptable that there be some minor ship systems bugs, not-yet-finished/implemented features, etc. Not saying I want to release buggy software; but we're certainly not to the point of a finished product, either.
So, what do we have right now as far as content:
--The prototype FireArc with a fleshed out pilot's control console.
--Six full tutorial single-missions:
------Basic Maneuvering
------Start-up and Un-docking
------External Docking
------Systems Shut-down
------Sensor and Fixed-Weapon Primer
------An AI testing ground, in which the prototype AI ship is free to target and shoot at you (tentative if I can fix one major bug with it this week)
--The docking trainer platform
--The new targeting drone satellite
-- A full compliment of required ship systems in various states of completion
-- A proper front-end UI
I can think of two more missions I REALLY want to add before the next RC build; but if they don't make it I won't be heart-broken. With a simple .exe update I could easily release some missions in between release and the 1st planned monthly update. Again, there are a handful of items and small fixes I'll be hammering out in the next few days. Finally, I want to add a few more options for audio, visual and control setup.
IF the next release candidate goes well then the next step is to finalize the installer. That should be a rather straight-forward process for now considering the small build size, and should only take a couple of days at most. Even if I DIDN'T get to the launcher though it wouldn't be the end of the world. I could release using a simple .rar download as I've been doing with the test builds.
So what was done recently? Obviously I built the new targeting satellite. This is basically a large ring (much larger than the docking trainer) that projects a holographic field within the ring. The field can display images and sense when something passes through it. For this I had to add a new ship system: Holographic Projectors. It's implementation is very rudimentary right now; but I plan on refining and expanding the implementation. I can think of a few cool uses for something like this....
Michael added some new sound events for various MTS modes (as you may have heard from his "audio tour" video). These additions fleshed out the basic sound environment for RogSys. I think the entire soundscape clearly demonstrates not only the intended quality and direction; but also the IMPORTANCE of the audio to the entire package.
Otherwise, the rest of the time went to various small fixes and additions....
As seems to always be the case, reach this new milestone felt like trying to bust through a brick wall. Seemed like just one thing after another kept popping up to try and hold me back. Over the weekend I was honestly pretty frustrated. I had to step away for a day, think about the immediate goals and obstacles, and then I was able to come back and push through.
It also CLEARLY demonstrated the need to get eAccess started. If I had just ONE artist working with me full-time this would have gone SO much smoother. I could have kept coding and let the artist handle things on his/her end. Every new team member will add SO much to what can be accomplished in the coming months. Even a moderately successful eAccess will be such a tremendous boost....
So, with that, I'm going to take a couple hours for myself, and then come back and start hitting this little items HARD....
Post edited by Michael at 2015-06-03 15:15:29


Y lo bueno lo dejo para el final, comentario a ese mismo post/noticia de arriba de Michael, que es quien pone todas estas noticias...




June 10th COULD be a very good day...


... y lo deja ahi.... ;)

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Ya esta a la venta para la fase de early access




While the media announcements will happen tomorrow, I’m very pleased to say that Rogue System, eAccess Version is now available for purchase. In fact, “pleased” is not a strong enough word; and I’m honestly at a loss for what is. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has offered me a word of encouragement or support in the past–you all definitely helped me to push through the hard times to get RogSys to where it is today.

As for this initial eAccess version: While content is currently minimal at best, it is based now on a foundation that allows me to confidently start layering on the true gameplay that will make up the bulk of Rogue System’s Core Module. As I’ve often said, I feel it’s very important to get it in players hands early, giving you all the chance to offer ideas and suggestions, catch mistakes and bugs; and all at a stage in development when there is time to act on the feedback. Beyond that, but no less important, the financial support early-access will provide will allow me to expand the RogSys development team.

Hiring talented people to help create the assets that will drive Rogue System, and getting them working as soon as possible, will give it the best possible chance of success. Thus, out of necessity, early-access needs to begin. If you’ve been following here for a while then you know all this already.

I really don’t have much else to say at the moment–I’m pretty speechless really. On a personal note, THANK YOU ALL so much for sticking with me for all this time, supporting me, offering ideas. Thanks….

Purchase Page: http://imagespaceinc.com/rogsys/p/buyeaccess/

ISI Rogue System Product Forum (where all bugs, etc, should be reported): http://isiforums.net/f/forumdisplay.php/166

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Nuevo upgrade desde hace un par de días. Este tío es un héroe. A mí, desde luego, no me parece el mismo humo que SC. Ambos van lentos.

- RS va lento porque es un tío él solito el que se ha hecho lo que, en este momento, es ya un simulador, que tiene una fragata con una secuencia de arranque que está a nivel de muy buenos modelos de simulación de vuelo.

- SC va lento porque... humo.

No soy uno de esos 'anti SC' en absoluto. Como fan de la simulación espacial, espero con muchas ganas que prospere de una vez. Es bueno para el mundo de la simulación. Lo que no es bueno es que entremos en la dinámica de que hacen falta muchos años y cantidades obscenas de dinero para desarrollar uno. Incluso si RS no llegase a salir, ya ha demostrado que tales necesidades de tiempo y dinero no son reales en absoluto.


Al menos, Michael Juliano lleva con cierta filosofía el ver cómo SC se pule en un solo día el dinero que a él le bastaría para terminar la primera versión de RS.

Yo me he asegurado disponer de todas las versiones actuales, futuras y todo el contenido que salga de RS. Hablo así de bien por egoismo, a ver si convenciese alguien aunque fuese solo de probarlo por los 10€ que vale la pre-alfa. Cuanto antes junte cierto dinero, antes podrá contratar un (solo "un") programador que le ayude a terminar lo que muchos han calificado de un DCS espacial.

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Un poco "Dead" esta el post sin vídeo :icon_mrgreen:


Una muestra del start-up y acoplamiento de la mano nuestro amigo Scott Manley...




Dev Log: is now available. From the readme:

Again, this was an expectedly longer update cycle as this one was also very art intensive. Hence, update .08 is being broken up into two parts to reduce the wait time. This part one adds the in-game art for the new equipment bay area of the Flying Fox. To access it, simply float down the ladder shaft and into the equipment bay. Once there, you'll also see examples of the main breakers, isolation valve resets, and LSS scrubbers. You'll also find all the component racks for all of the system computers. In part two, the inital ability will be added to start working with this equipment, which will begin to unlock the ability to repair your ship.

Please note, it can be tricky to move around without the ability to control the roll of your character. I'll be adding this also for .08 part two.

And again, a reminder that this is an art update ONLY. Part two will contain new gameplay code.

As always, please see the change log full details; and, thanks for everyone's support!


I'll keep this post up-to-date with the change log details for each update as it comes out, as well as what's upcoming. Check back often to see what I'm up to.


Current Change Log:


====== Upcoming: eAccess Version ======
Refined: Main, System and Utility bus breaker object management
Added: Equipment Bay VMS (currently slaved to pilot's VMS)
Added: Avatar roll control while drifting (initial--keyboard/button bindings ONLY)
Refined: Emergency lighting will auto-disable when internal flood lights are enabled and working normally
Added: Point light for emergency lighting so normal maps react as expected
Added: Interior and exterior light color can now be defined in ship data file light entries

====== Current Public: eAccess Version EBART ======
Asset: Re-modeled the original space for the Flying Fox's equipment bay to be more complimentary to a zero-g environment
Asset: Created Equipment bay high-detail geometry for normal mapping
Asset: UV mapped and textured new equipment bay area geometry
Asset: Initial AO and direct light map passes
Asset: Created lighting VFX maps for all equipment bay textures
Added: SV46 equipment bay now ingame (export of assets and data file additions)
Refined: Adjusted collision for player character controller
Refined: Flying Fox flight deck collision

====== eAccess Version RAD SOLAR OPS ======
Reverted: SDL2--rolled back to previous version of SDL in an attempt to solve an x-box controller drift issue
Fixed: COMM--added a small filter to stabilize OPS data reception at range
Fixed: MISSIONS--tutorial 6 referenced incorrect buttons for cargo bays and radiators
Fixed: STC--station would incorrectly tell you your ship was too big to dock with it
Fixed: CORE--disabling head-tracking in the options menu would not necessarily disable the TrackIR dll check. Now, if set disabled head-tracking will be completely circumvented, as expected.
Updated: SDL2--Updated SDL to current stable version (2.0.4)
Fixed: OPTIONS--Control bindings mistakenly used "KB" as an abbreviation for the Numeric Pad. This has been changed to "NUMPAD"
Refined: Missions--In two of the temporary tutorial missions, the text has been changed from "cycle MTS Boost Throttles..." to "slightly advance the MTS Boost Throttles..."
Added: ART--modeling, unwrapping, and texturing (70% of final) complete for new OPS satellite
Fixed: COMMS--transmitters and receivers were always being loaded into the same equipment bay
Added: Prelimanry data file for VoidComm OPS-4 "Overwatch" satellite
Refined: It is now possible for a ship to operate without a life support system (satellite, drone, etc.)
Fixed: RogSys would sometimes CTD when loading a ship with no crew/passenger count (satellite, drone, etc)
Added: Preliminary pre-defined ship file for VoidComm OPS-4 (BASIC variant)
Fixed: COMMS--receiver damage now properly degrades signal reception
Added: COMMS--Vehivle Identification Sub-System (VISS) added to COMMS (preliminary)
Added: COMMS--OPS registration (within 10,000 KM of orbiting body)
Added: COMMS--OPS signal reception
Fixed: COMMS--some outgoing signals were incorrectly influenced by ship's receiver damage
Added: MISSIONS--"OPSSAT" flight task to trigger an OPS satellite to be added to the relevant body's OPS sat list
Refined: OPS--Satellites will not register with the local OPS system
Refined: SENSORS--Reordered sensor target lock management to allow for OPS targeting even if target is physically occluded by the celectial body
Added: MFD: "OPS D-LINK" function added to MFD SENSORS page. Only available when valid OPS data is being received
Refined: COMMS--By default, COMMS will use the closest OPS SAT with LOS
Added: ART--Surface tagging method to allow per polygon system functionality (solar panel surfaces, radiator surfaces, armor plates, etc)
Added: ECS--ability for solar panels to feed power to both System and Reserve buses
Added: ECS/ART--Solar panel surfaces now generate power based on cell count, max output per cell, and relative orientation to local star
Added: ECS/ART--Solar panel surfaces will not generate power if occluded by a celestial body
Refined: BMS--Preliminary battery system power requirements reduced (was excessively high)
Refined: COMMS--Both Preliminary communcation systems power requirement reduced (where excessively high)
Added: ART--Solar panel deployment motion trigger
Refined: CORE--Fleet management code reworked to be more efficient
Refined: CORE--ship to player update ranges modified
Added: ECS--ability to use solar panel output approximation when ship is out of player's "sphere of influence". Still can suffer from celestial occlusion
Added: SYSTEMS/ART--Per polygon functional surfaces CAN be damaged (damage application NYI)
Refined: ART--VoidComm OPS-4 art updated to make use of new functional surface tagging (defined solar panel locations on both the equipment bay and deployable solar panels)
Fixed: COMMS--sometimes a ship would not register with OPS when it should
Fixed: COMMS--previous OPS data was sometimes not released, causing a crash when starting a new mission
Added: TMS/ART--Ability to tag polygons as radiator surfaces
Refined: TMS--now uses tagged radiator surfaces to calculate radiation in the visible light spectrum, based on relative angle to the local star
Refined: TMS--RBLC cooling efficiency greatly reduced
Added: MFD--SENSOR display now includes OPS INFO function. If a selected trace or locked target are registered with OPS, info will be displayed for vessel specifications, owner/operator/registration data, and orbital data (preliminary implementation)
Added: TMS/ART--Added surface-tagged radiators to OPS satellite
Refined: TMS--early version of radiator decloration retained and refined. Will allow modders to assign generalized radiators to ships without having to use surface tagging
Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats to the External Docking tutorial
Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats to the starting moon and destination planet (MES Transfer tutorial)
Added: MISSIONS--added OPS sats around 3 different bodies (Test Sandbox mission)
Added: MISSIONS--added one extra station to the destination planet (MES Transfer Tutorial)
Fixed: TMS--sometimes AI-driven ships would not deploy radiators when they should

====== eAccess Version ======
Refined: VMS--All indicators are now relative to the selected exterior camera, making the current display much more intuitive
Added: VMS--Preliminary Trajectory Corridor Markers show projected trajectory relative to the current strongest gravity well
Added: VMS--basic trajectory corridor color coding (between gWell and ship, beyond gWell, and escape/impact on last marker)
Added: VMS--Preliminary Velocity Marker (currently relative to strongest gWell)
Fixed: ART--Flying Fox ship exterior should now properly cast shadows

====== eAccess Version APS ======
Fixed: NAS--APS (AutoPilot Steering) should be much more stable when time acceleration is used during low FPS conditions
Fixed: NAS--APS would often not accurately aim the ship at the various aim-at indicators
Fixed: NAS--APS should no longer cause opposing MTS thrusters to fire, thus causing a fight that would overload the MTS core
Refined: NAS--APS should resolve steering solutions more quickly and reliably (still not perfect yet though)
Refined: NAS--"CANCEL"ing a transfer during the burn now disables AP steering
Fixed: UI--removed "NYI" text from XFER Panel prograde/retrograde inject types
Refined: NAS--If no inject mode specified when a transfer is initiated, APS will default to Orbit Inject Prograde
Fixed: NAS--APS should no longer freak out if destination intercept mode initiated with no destination selected
Fixed: NAS--Deselecting a destination during a transfer will cancel the transfer
Fixed: NAS--APS was sometimes referencing wrong gravity well destination during certain parts of a transfer
Refined: NAS--Further tweaks to AP steering
Fixed: NAS--removed a smooth that could sometimes upset an intercept solution

====== eAccess Version CAW ======
Added: CSSM--Caution and Warning (CAW) display framework that uses the externalized ship UI system has been created
Removed: CSSM--Old CAW display system has been removed.
Added: CSSM--new Noesis UI xaml file created for "default" CAW display
Added: CSSM--externalized controller file for "default" CAW display
Revised: STC--a docked ship will be removed from STC Approach control (handles cases where a ship docks with another while being managed by a third's STC)
Revised: STC--added a wait timer to the "invalid data" approach notice. Now, the invalid condition must be met for two seconds before a warning is thrown (handles brief moments of signal loss)
Fixed: MISSION--Corrected the description of the LENR in tutorial 3
Revised: SHIP UI--implemented an alternate update method that will more evenly distribute UI workload
Removed: SHIP UI--all old prototype ship ui files have been removed from build repository
Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected LENR bar color-coding logic
Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected RCM bar color-coding logic
Fixed: SHIP UI--corrected MTS bar color-coding logic
Fixed: MTS--Boost deflector would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
Fixed: MTS--Boost VFX should no longer get stuck "on" when toggling deflection modes
Fixed: MES--Reverse thrust would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
Added: MTS--Possibility of boost deflector faults (will get stuck in last set mode)
Added: MTS--Possibility of auto-idle fault (if faulted, will not idle the boosters when changing deflector modes
Added: COMMS--Impact damage now possible (transmitter, receiver, decoder, beacon, as well as "normal" system damage)
Added: COMMS--Caution and Warning fault checks
Added: LSS--Caution and Warning fault checks
Refined: VMS--Selected COMMS frequency indicator available in all display modes
Refined: VMS--Selected trace indicator available in all display modes
Refined: VMS--Targeted track indicator available in all display modes

====== eAccess Version STC ======
Fixed: STEAM--"One Small Step" trigger logic has been fixed, and will fire when you cross your next hour of flight time (sorry for the error on this one)
Fixed: MISSIONS--during the launch tutorial, it was skipping the step to enable the coolant pumps and bringing them up to NORM setting
Fixed: MISSIONS--tutorial mission had some errant text concerning coolant pump speed settings
Fixed: STC--STC would not follow proper approach procedure if player docked, and then released, with an emergency clamp
Added: UI--Invert Mouse option added to GAMEPLAY options
Revised: CORE--RogSys.LOG file now saved in user's appdata/local/RogueSystemSim folder
Revised: STC--You can now check in directly with Approach STC if frequency is already know
Fixed: Bug that may have prevented STC Approach logic progression
Fixed: STC approach was not assigning docking ports properly. This resulted in all ports being marked as in_RECOVERY after a ship departed.
Fixed: STC would only check available ports once. This caused inbound ships to be put in permanent wait mode
Added: STC Approach will notify you at 800 meters out if your docking data is invalid (no localizer set, no docking port selected as docking target, etc)
Fixed: STC--logic error that might not allow a ship to request docking after having docked, and then undocked, under STC guidance
Refined: STC--adjusted ranges at which STC notifies the player of docking approach events
Update: MISSION--docking tutorial mission updated to reflect new STC docking approach events
Fixed: STC--external power should now be available after docking AS LONG AS docking was performed under STC guidance.

====== eAccess Version SENSOR ======
Fixed: COMMS-running a scan on a channel that was set as a localizer source would eventually cause a CTD
Added: MFD--SENSOR page re-implemented using new externalized ship UI system
Refined: MFD--sensor display is now 3D isometric, rather than 2D Overhead/Nose
Added: MFD--"trace" (or "bogey", if you'd prefer) elevation lines relative to player's ship (ON-color when above, WARN-color when below)
Refined: WTC--introduced independent scanning/tracking functionality to laser-type scanners. It is now possible to track one target while scanning for others.
Fixed: Mission--possible progression bug in tutorial 6
Fixed: Mission--minor grammar bugs in tutorial 6
Refined: MFD--added range data to all traces on sensor display (more info to come)
Refined: MFD--added closure data to selected target on sensor display
Updated: VMS--moved old trace/target brackets to new externalized ship UI system
Fixed: VMS--Self-To-Target vector indicators now work correctly when towing another ship
Possible Fix: sometimes when trying to dock with a rotating body (in this case, the troubled targeting ring) the ships would fly apart when docking contact made. I believe this was caused by a negative force pushing the two ships together and collision reacting "violently" to it. Had two successful dockings after the fix was made. PLEASE REPORT IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN AFTER UPDATING.
Refined: COMMS--entered frequencies are now confirmed as "valid" when they are entered (rather than when they were set as an audio or localizer source)
Refined: COMMS--when scanning, you should see the frequency update as the scanner moves through the frequency spectrum
Added: VMS--when set to TRACKING display mode, the location of any valid frequency entered into COMMS will be displayed
Added: VMS--frequency indicators will denote selected channel, selected localizer and selected audio
Added: NAS--VERY preliminary version of a medium range (20 km to 1000 km) target intercept steering mode. Pilot is responsible for throttle control currently!
Fixed: Collision pass-thru with the target ring equipment bays should no longer occur
Fixed: Found and fixed two potential crash bugs
Fixed: Potential UI memory leak

====== eAccess Version "Hotfix 1" ======
Updated: Leadwerks--Updated all current shaders for compatibility with recent Leadwerks Global Illumination additions
Added: MFD--Emergency clamp UI to EA/PORTS page (for towing ports)
Added: MFD--Clamp release UI to EA/PORTS page (to undock when connected with emergency clamp
Possible fix: Slightly changed collision on Target Ring satellite to allow proper dock connect (may fix collision pass-thru)
Última edición por Michael_J; 4 de oct. a las 4:12


Personalmente creo que vale la pena apoyar a este dev (Michael Juliano) y su proyecto RS.





Start-Up Check List:



RS Wiki:



Pagina oficial:



Forum oficial:




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