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Sacado del discord de ED:



This law does not affect the development companies, but the collection of references. If the information was received not on the territory of the Russian Federation and not by Russian citizens, then the law is not applicable.

We do not plan to completely abandon the development of military equipment of the Russian Federation, but the laws impose obligations on us. That’s all. The law will still be supplemented and clarified, judging by the text.


Let’s see what will happen next. But don’t expect any serious systems, there won’t be any.


Y se acelera el desarrollo del MIG-29A




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27 minutes ago, Ce_zeta said:

El problema Typhoon es que hace falta que ED saque el S-200. Es la principal defensa de área Siria.  Tampoco tenemos Pantsir en DCS.


Cuando lo retiren quizá nos lo metan 😅



Tampoco tenemos F-22 entre otros...

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