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DCS: World 2.5


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El hace 6 horas, Zaz0 dijo:


Por mi parte eso no es cierto, cuando ED hace algo bien, soy el primero en mostrar mi agradecimiento, lo ultimo que recuerdo, cuando escucharon a la gente con el tema del DLC del carrier y lo van a hacer compatible en MP aunque no lo hayas comprado.


No me considero un hater, pero si que creo que estoy en la linea de estar entre contento y frustrado, son muchas las promesas que vas viendo retrasadas u olvidadas... pero cuando me tocan el Hornet, me jode mas, es cierto.


Ojala me equivoque y el Hornet este manteniendo el mismo nivel de desarrollo que a su inicio, aunque nuestra percepcion nos diga lo contrario. No ya solo por lo que me toca y el F-18, si no por que si les dejamos hacer esto y les ponemos caras contentas, van a hacer lo mismo con el A-8, con el F-16, y con todo lo que saquen... 

No quiero que me malinterpretes ni tampoco Renko o los demás, yo también lo intento decir respetuoso y no considero hater a alguien por criticar cosas. Hablo mas bien en general y si se ha entendido así pido disculpas, es normal en los foros las malinterpretaciones. Sin embargo aunque también creo que cualquier cosa afecta a lo demás aunque sea una semana de retraso no creo que es para ponerse así. Yo considero que tener un debate normal es algo de adultos, pero también el no tomarse las cosas tan a pecho y sobretodo tener paciencia. También lo digo en general.


El tema por el que a veces parece que me lo tome así es que no podemos dejar que la negatividad nos invada, porque es muy contagiosa y al final si esta gente falla, nos quedamos sin nada.  Cualquiera que se moleste en escribir aquí es porque le encanta este juego salvando algunas excepciones.

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8 hours ago, Renko said:

No te falta razón

Por desgracia incluso en este foro, cuando se trata de hablar de la situación de forma serena (al menos yo lo intento) y exponiendo cada uno sus argumentos/ideas. Las cuales, todas, deberían tener cabida en una conversación entre adultos.
Hasta la más pequeña critica se toma por algunos como algo personal.
Y luego se leen comentarios de cierta bajeza, como los de arriba.

Pero en fin, nada nuevo bajo el Sol


Es broma no te ralles


Por cierto, ED acaba de anunciar pre-order del F-16 en Steam. No digo nada pero



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4 minutes ago, Siegfried said:



Este es lo más oficial que hay ahora.


A último minuto se dan cuenta de que la famosa optimización de VR no funciona ??? Que clase de chiste es este de ED. En qué punto se echó a perder ??? No entiendo nada ! 

Edited by Peace Puma
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8 hours ago, Peace Puma said:

Estoy esperando ver qué tal la mejora en VR para darle curso al Rift S. Menos mal me aguanté la calentura inicial ... así como vamos nos dicen que fue un error y que la mejora es de un 0,50% en el rendimiento ... 


¿Qué gráfica tienes? Porque a mi con una GTX980m (de portátil) me va muy bien (mucho mejor de lo que esperaba, vamos). Yo es que no me lo pensaba, más aún si como prometen tendremos mejora en el rendimiento.

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hoy, miercoles 5, segun la semana de ED, tenemos el changelog para el parche (aun no disponible)





Introduced DCS: Fw 190 A-8 by Eagle Dynamics
Multiplayer. Reworked network transport for better handling of a large number of units.

DCS World

  • ME. Corrected overlapping texts in the route panel.
  • Video rendering. Eliminated the memory leaks.
  • Corrected parachute animation during ejection from ground level.
  • AI aircraft taxi. Obstacle detour mechanism adjusted.
  • Add keybinding for "sound on/off" option to all ED modules.
  • Ground AI. Vehicles without moving turret will be rotate own hull for gun aiming.
  • Radio altimeter now detect ships. Flying over the ship, the radio altimeter will show the altitude to the deck, not to the sea surface.
  • ME. Fixed GUI Error when use task FAC for group placed from template.
  • MP. Timeout settings are now forced by the server, network speed setting is automatic.
  • Sound. New sonic boom effect.
  • China Asset Pack. Add ZBD-04A IFV.
  • AGM-88. Seeker suddenly changed target in flight - fixed.
  • Aircraft carrier landing lights now on when clouds > 9.
  • Fixed fog visibility calculation at 0 height.
  • Option for scaling font in radio menu and messages added to System options, Scale Option to change the font size of top left/right messages.

Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Su-27. Missing/damaged airbrake will do not work.
  • MiG-29. Addition of Chinese manual.
  • MiG-29C. Fixed failure of damper.


  • Yaw trim will not operates with Yaw SAS disengaged.


  • AI door gunner will not try to shoot through buildings to hit a target.

DCS Combined Arms

  • Vehicles gun position are now synchronous to the server and client.
  • Fixed rearm time for Hawk.
  • Added reload time stinger for M6 Linebacker.
  • Fixed ignoring of targets after reloading Hawk.
  • Fixed AI tank destroyer not turning hull for attack (WW2).
  • Fixed units driving through buildings.
  • Fixed different speed shells SPG on server and client (if player take control after AI fired on small distance).
  • Fixed incorrect aiming AI Strela-10 in some positions.


  • Corrections to Russian Early Access Hornet manual.
  • Fixed JDAM range circles are out of display area.
  • Hidden in ME units will not be visible on SA page.
  • HARMS now will not switch targets after launch.
  • AGM-88 rocket effects now properly aligned with model.
  • Updated and corrected radar warning receiver and HARM threat identification codes.

Note: in the following Open Beta for 12 June we plan to add the AGM-154A/C and Multi-Sensor Integration (MSI) for Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode. The targeting pod is in development with the goal of making it available by the end of June.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed distance indication for gun in radar mode (distance must be equal or less than 2000m for indication).
  • Improved inputs for ASP axis-based controls (rotaries).
  • Improved ASP LAUNCH light logic when attacking radar-locked targets (airborne or ground based).
  • Improved reticle size scaling.
  • Fixed emergency jettison switches to being clickable.
  • Fixed flaps reset switch going under control box when pushed.
  • Fixed SOD mode knob rotation range.
  • Fixed SPS launch button.
  • Fixed white flood light knob rotation.
  • Fixed air pressure gauge bezel's UVs.
  • Added liveries' description.lua custom arg command for bort numbers.

Note: This is not the full major cockpit update. These small fixes are brought over from it for testing. These updates did not make the previous patch. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Kneeboard has been enabled
  • Bomb release order fixed
  • SITE bombsight enabled
  • Dashed lines for CCIP and SITE bombsight
  • HUD color fix
  • CCIP update (WiP); CCIP is now limited. Cross won't go below the HUD bottom.


  • Corrected G-suit parameter
  • Corrected AI FM min and max g limit
  • Corrected AI FM max range
  • Updated AI FM aerodynamic tables
  • Updated AI FM engine tables
  • Corrected damage shape name to actual file name and added wing damage shape
  • Corrected various engine related damage responses
  • Corrected various flight control related damage responses
  • Throttle logic corrected to design basic aircraft
  • Wheel braking effectiveness reduced to closer match data
  • UV Lights enabled
  • Instruments backlight enabled
  • Flood lights updated
  • All sights updated.
  • Sights depression control updated. Depression values now affects all sights modes even when caged

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Fixed excessive aerodynamic drag of smoke system.
  • Added jettisoning disconnection functionality of PYLONS and TOTAL. EJECTION-SELECTION circuit breakers of armament panel in the C-101CC.
  • Added weaponry fuses disconnection by means of PYLONS and TOTAL. EJECTION-SELECTION circuit breakers in C-101CC.
  • Fixed some EB and CC cockpit labels which appeared blank in EN and ES localizations.
  • Fixed labels for breakers of weapons pylons outer, mid and inner (left wing are the lower. ones and right wing are the upper ones).
  • Fixed Squelch Switch label.
  • Fixed engine anti-ice push-button input.
  • Omitted video recorder inputs.
  • Fixed several duplicate input issues.
  • Updated CN localization.
  • Updated EN localization.
  • Completed ES localization.
  • Fixed Albedo of cockpit structure texture, EB only.

DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Many new bindings added especially by integrating FunkyFranks bindings mod. Missing
  • bindings for some devices added and duplicate/red bindings corrected.
  • Fixed issue with Bx waypoints (and other special waypoints) not getting recognized as such
  • when loaded from custom cartridge.
  • Corrected RR bombing symbology on radar and Rb04 radar sight.
  • Fix so ring on radar now stays after a A1 SPA (M-recon) fix.
  • Slight accuracy improvement to bombing.

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • Quickstart missions: Caucasus: Free Flight tanker orbit fixed, Persian Gulf: Alert 5 readded
  • Fixed Mak79 MK-83 loadout on right rear station.
  • Mission fixes (AI radio and triggers) with voice overs from forum user “beppe_goodoldrebel”: Bear Intercept, Iran Flogger Faceoff, Tomcat Meets Foxhound, MiG-28 Furball - thank you!
  • Fixed Iran Reactor Strike and Trench Run Reactor Strike missions (added target waypoints in target area)
  • Fixed M61 and AIM-9 tutorial missions
  • Added SP and COOP missions “Operation Timber - Paving the Way” and “Night Hunter”
  • Fixed SAMs engaging with multiple subsystems not triggering the launch warning when the missile guiding subsystem wasn't the first strongest lobe of the tracking subsystems.
  • RWR threat library changed to R9D4: added HAWK CWAR, Blindfire (BF) and Rapier launcher (RP).
  • Renamed TCS roughnet map
  • Added Fictional Chromecat Homage skin (“the developer’s delight”)
  • Added B-side for tape player
  • Enabled CRS selector in AWL/PCD
  • Fixed some flap input bugs
  • Fixed flap axis range
  • Fixed flaps blowback bug
  • Added AFCS SAS channel toggle switches
  • Fixed some more key binding categorizations
  • Fixed some command categorizations
  • Added close jester menu bindable command
  • Ensure SEAM LOCK lamp lights up in LTS test even without sidewinder present
  • Ensure COLLISION lamp is lit during LTS test
  • Fix typo in keybinds: Enviroment -> Environment
  • Added some inertia to the turn and slip ball
  • Rearranged Iceman relative heading menu entries
  • When fenced in, Jester uses CMS mode switch position selected from the menu
  • Fixed Jester menu category icon being displayed for disabled options
  • Fixed Jester close menu while incapacitated
  • Jester menu fixed in VR
  • Jester will no longer give lost lock callout during dogfights
  • Improved missile announcement logic for Jester
  • Jester was sent to a fast typing course - waypoint entering speed has been improved
  • INS GO NOW reworked - it displays the type of alignment which would be used with GO NOW.
  • GO NOW should enter AHRS/AM if COARSE alignment is not achieved (previously IMU/AM).
  • Jester will interrupt entering the waypoints and switch to INS when the requested alignment option is reached; he will continue entering the rest of the waypoints after "ready to taxi"
  • Fixed current waypoint initialization for missions with no waypoints set.
  • It should no longer require to select another waypoint before selecting WP1
  • Ensure STT lock is lost when radar is disabled
  • Added new auto tune test conditions
  • Fix for Jester being unable to re-align the INS after landing
  • Jester now sets correct ARC-182 modulation when using "Tune ATC"
  • Jester menu options can be selected with the ICS PTT when using 'OPEN MENU: RADIO MENU KEY FOLLOWED BY PTT (SRS PRIORITY)'.
  • When using "OPEN MENU: RADIO MENU KEY FOLLOWED BY PTT (SRS PRIORITY)", the menu will hide only with a valid radio option selected or when the radio menu key is pressed again, but it won't hide with any PTT.
  • The minimum ICS volume exported to SRS is set to 0.2 - this emulates ability to communicate without intercom
  • Added custom viewport for Jester menu. Use "F14_JESTER_MENU" in your MonitorSetup file.
  • When "F14_JESTER_MENU" is not set, it defaults to "GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT"
  • Added special option to repeat RIO weapon type wheel on TID (VR readability vs realism.)
  • Added special option to require weapon selector press between OFF and GUN (disabled per default)
  • Corrected main menu sound files: fixes non looping soundtrack & black screen on exit
  • Added SUU-25 to RIO weapons roller
  • NEW: JESTER now uses RWS and ground stabilize if asked for.
  • Ground stab can auto recenter after a preselect time,
  • Jester can switch back to TWS automatically if needed
  • Jester uses wider scan pattern in RWS mode
  • Fixed radar pattern resetting to center in multiplayer/multicrew when changing modes
  • Some tweaks to phoenix PN and lofting params
  • Temporarily disabled automatic TWS MAN to AUTO mode change on phoenix launch pending TWS-AUTO final implementation
  • Ensure TWS missile tracking only goes to radar targets
  • Fix LZ showing on TID when vel vector is disabled on toggle button
  • Fixed countermeasures programs being initiated (one release pulse) with power set to OFF
  • Fix for time-to-impact not showing on TID for STT phoenix shots
  • Engine performance tuning
  • Fixed trim speed ramp-in
  • Adjusted pitch and phugoid damping
  • Adjusted rudder roll power at high AOA
  • Adjusted pitch with power effects
  • Adjusted drag in turning situations
  • Adjusted lift in turning situations
  • Adjust pitch trim ramp-in speed
  • Fixed nozzle position bug when losing oil pressure
  • Decreased max afterburner fuel flow above 55k feet
  • Added slight yaw moment due to fuel probe deployment
  • Fixed AP not being able to engage when using FFB stick

Known Issue: Afterburners are invisible.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark

  • Inverted animation of rotors AoA by pedals.
  • ABRIS. Fixed insane calendar dates.

DCS P-51 Mustang

  • P-51D and TF-51D. Added provision for direct gear control, On and Off.

Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign by Reflected Simulations, revised the mission goals to ensure progression.

M-2000C Red Flag campaign by Baltic Dragon, 
Mission 15: added safeguard for Gazelles - they will now be destroyed and won't break mission by getting damaged. 

Memory of the Hero Campaign by Stone Sky.
Mission 10 - reworked trigger of helicopter disruption in the end of the mission.
Mission 12 - reworked the points system and the analysis of additional triggers in radiomenu F10.

Enemy Within 3.0 campaign by Baltic Dragon. 
Mission 1: fixed an issue where MANPADS would fall through the roof into the building and be unable to shoot, thus blocking mission progress.

L-39 Kursant campaign.
Corrected mistakes in a mission briefings of stage 7.

A-10C AAT Campaign by Mapple Flag. 
AAT10 - Changed loadout to use IR MAVs only.

A-10C TTQ Campaign by Mapple Flag. 
TAC14 - Changed helicopter altitude to avoid tree crash.



PD: efectivamente parece que viene sin la mejora del VR, respecto del Hornet, lo veo un update bastante pobre, y lo seguiría viendo así aun viniendo con las JSOW...

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