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DCS F/A-18C Hornet

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54 minutes ago, amalahama said:

Que guapo, a ver si entra para el 19 aunque tiene pinta que no...

Me parece que si entra. Todavía estoy esperando que saque más videos con los markpoit y puede que el SLAM ER.

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Un pequeño vídeo "a mi manera" y desde mis puntos de vista de los cómo y por qués de lo que vamos haciendo en cabina.   Espero os guste. Si el Administrador lo quiere dejar aquí pues estupen

que guay, fallan 2 de 4 a corto plazo... extrapolando esto, tendremos el Hornet "completo" a falta de la mitad de cosas en 2022     Y yo que cojo y ayer les compro la mierda del S

Dice la wiki que el de los EF-18M como el del vídeo es un Litening III, mientras que el del USMC es un Litening AT Block 0. No son ni del mismo fabricante, aunque igual es por tema de propiedades.

Uf te has levantado optimista. De todas maneras más que el SLAM ER lo que molaría sería que implementaran el control remoto de misiles lanzados por terceros, como en la realidad. Rara vez el avión que lanzaba el SLAM y el que hacía el guiado terminal era el mismo



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Dear Hornet pilots,

For the next Hornet update, we plan for the addition of two new features: mark points and AGR radar mode:


Markpoints provide a simple and quick way to store locations of interest. Functionality is as follows:

A markpoint can be created by pressing the MK# OSB in the HSI/SA formats. The number # (1 through 9) indicates exactly which markpoint will be created when the button is pressed and it increments sequentially.

Up to 9 markpoints can be stored at a time, and it's possible to overwrite them after creating the 9th one (in sequential order).

Upon pressing the MK# button, a markpoint is created at the overfly location if there is no target designation or at the target designation otherwise.

Markpoints are stored after the 60 onboard waypoints, however, it's not necessary to increment the waypoint selector in the HSI/SA formats all the way past 60, as it's possible to decrement it below waypoint 1 to access markpoints (starting at markpoint 9 and decrementing).

Markpoint selection in the HSI/SA formats is denoted by a letter M preceding the markpoint number identifier.

Functionally, they are very similar to conventional waypoints. They may be selected as the steering reference, designated by pressing WPDSG and other cues and symbology remain the same.

When a markpoint is selected as the steering reference by boxing WYPT in HSI/SA formats, its identifier preceded by the letter M and range will be displayed in the HUD.

Air-to-Ground Ranging (AGR) radar mode

Air-to-ground ranging (AGR) mode is an indirect radar mode—it is commanded automatically by the MC when deemed necessary and cannot be directly selected. Its purpose is to provide slant range to an aimpoint to allow a more precise calculation of altitude above target. When commanded, the AGR legend will appear on the HUD and the RDR ATTK format will display the AGR sub-format. If the radar was operating in MAP mode, it's possible to exit AGR mode and return to MAP by assigning TDC priority to the RDR ATTK format.

GRID Coordinates

While it will probably not be ready for the next Hornet update, we have also implemented GRID/UTM coordinates for the Hornet internally. It is now undergoing testing.

Thank you to Santi for helping to prepare this text.

Kind regards,


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